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„About Time” starts as a comedy about time traveling man and his quest for true love. Or any love at all. But after a while the movie goes into a drama territory with surprising emotional resonance. Actually it is a movie about life and the possibilities of coping with everything that goes with it: happiness, sadness, comedy and tragedy. Watch About Time Putlocker Full 2013 Movie


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Watch About Time Online The movie goes on to tell the story of Tim and Mary’s relationship, and Tim learning the usefulness, and limitations, of his time traveling, to help himself and others. Along the way there are many humorous moments some that work better than others, along with some truly poignant moments, such as the day when Tim has to say goodbye for the very last time to his beloved father. Watch32 About Time Online Free Full

Watch About Time Online To sum up the movie was fun, interesting, and really much more pleasant to watch than I had initially thought it might be. It was a true “science fantasy” movie, in that it took ordinary people, introduced a fantastic concept, and then let things play out in a fairly realistic way. In the end it also had some surprisingly worthwhile things to say about the importance of making the right choices and living life to the fullest, but did it without hitting you over the head with it. I would gladly see it again sometime and recommend that you strongly consider going to see it yourself. Watch About Time 2013 Free Movie

Watch About Time Online This is the best film I’ve seen this year! Why I say that?! Let me see… Excellent choice of cast, stunning actors performance that make me believe in every emotion, brilliant look, perfect screenplay, exciting dialogs, interesting storyline, the soundtrack, all the little details just everything is on it’s place! It have a lot of humor, lovely romance, heart touching drama, and so many different emotions from the first minute till the very end…  ”About Time” Full Movie Watch

Watch About Time Online I was pleasantly surprised that the movie avoided some of the romantic comedy formula, by not having an artificial way to separate and then later get the couple back together. The interactions between Tim and his dad (wonderfully played by Bill Nighy) were touching and realistic (not counting the whole time travel thing). ”About Time” Watch Full Movie Online Free

"About Time" is the story of a slightly socially inept your man, Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson). At the age of 21 his father reveals the family secret, all the men in the family can travel back in time, basically having their current consciousness temporarily present in younger versions of themselves. Watch About Time Free Movie Full Streaming.